Summer Package

Because i'm going on a flight which is gonna take around 20 hours,  it probably means that i'm not gonna be updating this blog till I get home. So here are some tracks as well as 2 epic previews that i'm listening to kick my summer off. Enjoy!!!

Otto Knows really wanted to tease his listeners with this one, as the preview cuts off right before the drop, although I haven't heard it yet if it's anything like his previous tracks then we're in for a treat!

Afrojack & R3hab - ID 
Courtesy of Bleed House, another awesome music blog. Afrojack and R3hab are just perfect together with Nick Van De Wall's high pitched bleeps and R3habs chainsaw background synths, can't wait for this one.  Here is a high quality radio rip which is good enough!

Chicane - Thousand Mile Stare 
I need to see this guy live, this track just brings out the best that trance has to offer, a laidback vibe but still enough punch to party to.  Sorry but I couldn't find a DL link for this one so here is the youtube video.

Although I think the Qulinez remix can never ever be topped this is a really solid mashup!!! Of A Heavy Abacus with Avicii's feel good track Sunshine, definitely a perfect one to start off the summer!


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