Weekend Package

I for one, definitely need the motivation to keep on partying this weekend, with all my energy pretty much drained!! So here are a few tracks that have been playing on repeat for a while that get me pumped before I go out!

An21, Max Vangeli & Tiesto ft. Lover Lover
The highly anticipated track, named after the duo's album set to drop later this summer, is the one that the duo have been creating the most hype about, it definitely has the elements to be a banger over the summer so check it out!

Dim Chris & Sebastian Drums ft. Polina - Sometimes I Feel (Avicii's Out Of Miami Mix) 
If you're in the mood for a little throwback then here you go, an Avicii track dating back to 2009, so for all of you critics out there saying he's sold out and that he's so mainstream nowadays, listen to this track and then go to his most recent productions, he hasn't changed his sound one bit! 


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