ALBUM RELEASE: Zedd 'Clarity'

With the worldwide release of Zedd's debut album Clarity set to be on Oct 8th, a copy of all the tracks along with the already heard Spectrum track has been leaked. This first album by the young German producer is a mixture of genre's with new Zedd sounds appearing in his collabs with the likes of Ellie Goulding, and then that well known brutal Zedd sound appearing in the other tracks on the album. This is going to be a huge release for Zedd and I am loving the sound of the multiple tracks we have never heard before. Enjoy!

Individual Tracks:
Zedd - Codec (Original Mix) Zedd - Epos (Original Mix) Zedd - Stache (Original Mix) Zedd & Lucky Date Feat. Ellie Goulding - Fall Into The Sky (Original Mix) Zedd Feat. Bright Lights - Follow You Down (Original Mix) Zedd Feat. Foxes - Clarity (Original Mix) Zedd Feat. Liz - Hourglass (Original Mix) Zedd Feat. Ryan Tedder - Lost At Sea (Original Mix) Zedd - Shave It (Original Mix) Zedd Feat. Matthew Koma - Spectrum (Extended Mix)


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